Celebrating the milestones on your golf journey

Playing better golf means you'll have more fun on the course and we're here to help you lower your scores. We've worked together with countless of other golfers to achieve their golfing dreams and you can be next. It doesn't matter if you're looking to hit it longer off the tee, if want to hit it closer to the pin or if you want to sink more putts.

It's all about the journey, and we want to hear about it! 

George Campbell leaves with more confidence in his clubs

My favourite fitting from the day was member George Campbell who had received the green light from his wife to purchase new clubs, which is always a difficult one. We first of all tested his current ... See more

Gary Lang now hits straighter and surer

Gary Lang started hitting the ball so much straighter with both well struck shots and miss hits through a change in the clubs lie angel. Also, by fitting hybrids and woods with more loft allowed the ... See more

Geoff Jones now plays with more confidence

Geoff Jones left with renewed confidence in his game by dramatically improving his ball flight and dispersion by using 1 inch longer clubs. This also improved his posture and swing plane because the ... See more

Look at Sean go!

Congratulations to AJS golf student, Sean Masterson, for a sensational round on Sunday of 48 points. Sean had 5 birdies on his round, 6 bogeys and the rest pars off a handicap of 13, very ... See more