It’s your Journey

Different people, different experience, different motivation, one ambition

Beginner, Social or Recreational, Elite, Experienced or Inexperienced, we’ll have an approach to help you on your journey. 
We’ve helped hundreds of golfers. Your golf is our passion. 

45 min individual lesson $75
Junior lesson 45 min $40
1 1/2 Hour lesson $125

3 x 45 min game improvement sessions $200
5 x 45 min game improvement sessions $300

Course management sessions oncourse
9 holes $200 up to 3 people plus cart
18 hole $400 up to 4 people plus cart

Our proffesional team
Alex Sutherland
Ross Strachan
Mark Hembery
Matteo Masele

Most golfers would love to play alongside a Professional so what’s stopping you?
We offer a 9 or 18 hole playing lesson for up to 3 players and there is no better place to learn a whole lot of new tricks and skills than on the course.
Things you will pick up going around with a pro golfer is course management tips short game tips and how to get out of trouble which will all save shots every time you go out.
The professional staff at Eastlake Golf Club also like playing golf so why not invite them to come have a game one day we would love to come and join your group.
Don’t be scared we won’t bite.

Look good, feel good, play good
Come on in to the pro shop and get a new golfing outfit or two and we will give you a couple of Wilson staff balls to try. Stop wearing striped shirts and check shorts!!!!!!!
Fill your bag full of the right fuel to get you around the course include a few pieces of fruit a sandwich and at least 2 bottles of water
to get you through the day with plenty of energy.

Book a couple of game improvement sessions with our PGA coaching team and you will be surprised how we can transform your game.

Start your journey to better golf and more fun. Contact us now